Program / Timetable




Annual President Invited Lecture

  • Discovery and Development of COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics

Special Lecture

  • Deciphering the mistery of sleep: toward the molecular substrate for ”sleepiness”

  • Cognitive performance pioneered by the co-creation of brain and AI

  • Small fish models reveal the hidden mechanisms of aging and cancer

  • Forefront of toxicity research by chromosome engineering technology

  • Narratives for Drug Discovery in Academia

  • A long journey of the Japanese fancy mice

  • Basic toxicology of PFAS and its environmental problems in Japan

  • Environmental problems of Perfluoroalkyl substances in Japan and their basic toxicology

Educational Lecture

  • Human sex chromosomes and environmental conditions

  • NRF2-addicted Cancer: From Classical Experimental Animal Models toward Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Toxicity of addictive substances to the nervous system: including effects in children and during development.

Annual President Lecture 

  • Advances in toxicology from the perspective of paradigm shifts in life sciences.

Frontier Seminar

  • Primary Study of Toxicity Assessment Using Protein Structure Prediction by AlphaFold2


  • Current Situation and Prospects of Biomarker-based Strategies in Drug Development
  • ToxicoEpigenetics as a leading edge of Toxicomics and the role of AI to its deployment.
  • Biometals Specialty Section Symposium - 50 years of metal toxicology and expectations for the next 50 years
  • Microglial Toxicology
  • Current status and future perspectives of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) in Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA)
  • Approach to Safety assessment of Extractables and Leachables in pharmaceutical products
  • Current status and perspective for Cutting-Edge Technologies for accelarating the research of toxicological mechanism.
  • Elucidation and Detection of Novel Toxicity Mechanisms via Chemical Adduct Formation
  • Cardiovascular adaptive homeostasis and dysregulation: toward drug toxicity assessment
  • DX as practiced in the pharmaceutical industry: toxicology research/non-clinical areas
  • New challenges of developmental neurobehavioral toxicity
  • New era of education and research in forensic toxicology
  • Concepts of risk for developmental toxicity via male reproduction in pharmaceuticals
  • Developments in Research on Carcinogenesis Caused by Disruption of Cell Cycle Regulation
  • Current issues of Non-clinical Studies for Drug Development: Consideration from the View of Pharmaceutical Companies and CROs
  • Approaches for assessment of environmental exposures and immunotoxicity during susceptible life stages
  • Current trends and research in genome instability
  • Current Application and Future Prospects of Data Science in Toxicology / Safety Evaluation
  • JCA-JSOT Joint Symposium: Anticancer drug development and toxicology
  • What is Immunotoxicology? -Toxicological Effects on "Immune Cells at Work", Activation or Suppression-
  • Gender differences in adverse drug reactions
  • JSTP-JSOT Joint Symposium: Species difference in toxicity of chemicals from the viewpoint of toxicologic pathology
  • The developmental mechanism regulated by signal interaction and the prediction of developmental toxicity via their disruption.
  • Seminar for researchers leading toward a new era:Application of Electromagnetic Wave Technology Research to Toxicology -Seeing the Invisible-
  • Species differences in detoxification
  • Basic chmestry of fluorine, its presemt and futture prospects on drug development and toxicology of poly fluorinated organic compounds
  • A New Framework for Carcinogenicity Studies-Implementation of WoE approach
  • Towards interdisciplinary toxicology: expansion to medical science
  • Career development support program for toxicologists: Education and development of human resources in digital age
  • Biometals Specialty Section Symposium -Reproductive Toxicity of Metals-
  • Epigenetics Innovations
    -A wide range of research from model animals to human diseases-
  • Frontiers of Exosome Research
  • Current status and future perspectives of microphysiological system (MPS) technology: Toward the application to drug and chemical development and regulatory use
  • JSEDR-JSOT Joint Symposium: Children's Brain Toxicology
    - Xenobiotics-modulated higher brain functions and its molecular mechanisms -
  • Recent trends in basic study and clinical application of the cutting-edge technology in clinical toxicology and/or toxicology
  • Environmental pollution and its toxic effects occurring "now" in developing countries


  • Toxicology education in the field of veterinary medicine
  • Target Safety Assessment (TSA) - Towards effective selection of drug candidate compounds -
  • Shin-toxicity questionnaire - How to select animal species in toxicity studies

Open Symposium

  • Safety evaluation and future of organoids toward chemicals and food applications
  • Safety evaluation and its perspectives in anti viral drugs
  • New Approaches to Evaluate Bile Excretion and the Risk of Cholestasis for Human Prediction
  • Discovery toxicology strategy for New modality

Evening Forum

  • Toxicomics Forum

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